Perfect Home Ab Workout

by Brandon

Tomorrow begins the month of April putting us that much closer to summer 16′ and signifying the point in which you need to immediately start taking your diet and training serious – that’s only if you plan on really having a nice set of abs to show off at the beach of course. But its going to take a little more than 50 sit-ups a day and cutting out soda from your diet. While you might of thought you were getting the best ab workout ever by gutting out some sit ups before heading out the gym, more work must be done. A good plan of action would be to start by eliminating all fried foods, sugars, processed foods, alcohol and diary products from your diet; followed by an increase in the intensity of your ab workout. The combination of a tough overall training program with a clean diet will lead to good results.

A perfect example of an effective ab workout is the one below provided courtesy  of the the Buff Dudes’. Best part about it is you don’t even need a gym membership to perform it. Therefore leaving you with absolutely no excuses, stop procrastinating and get to work.

Take a look at