Phil Heath – 7 Weeks out from the 2015 Olympia

by Brandon

The 2015 Olympia is literally right around the corner which means it’s time for the competitors to lock in and put the finishing touches on their preparations for the competition. After working so hard throughout a prep phase, the last thing any competitor wants is to ease up and allow their hard work to go to waste. However, those worries don’t live inside of the Phil Heath camp because he is pushing himself for something greater than just the  2015 Olympia. “The Gift” isn’t striving for just another sandow, Phil is currently in the process of cementing his legacy as one of the greatest bodybuilders in the sports history. And he fully understands that the only way he can ensure that comes to fruition is by continuing to dominate the competition and collect as many sandows as possible along the way.

In his newest video we see 4x Olympia, Phil Heath talk about his prep, tweaks he is making to his diet and training routine, as well as his new hair cut. But all the fun and games were put aside once Phil began his chest session and lets just the say “The Gift” looks more than ready for the 2015 Olympia. Take a look at Phil Heath train chest 7 weeks out from the Olympia in the video below and let us know what hair style you think think Phil should stick with!

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