Phil Heath and Mike Rashid Breakdown The Meaning Of Success

by Brandon

The definition of success varies depending on the individual you ask. Some define success by the amount of money or girls they have, while others might say living a happy life is the true definition of success. Recently, master motivator Mike Rashid caught up with 4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath to discuss what being successful means to “The Gift”. Mr O breaks it down to this, ” ..Money is something that’ll come and go, legacy is what sticks around longer..” Phil isn’t in the sport of bodybuilding to chase the dollar, he is trying to cement a legacy that nobody will be able to deny and is on track to do just that.

“Life is like a dam leg day, you are either going to punk out and go half ass or not show up at all or you are going to stick your chest out and get your ass underneath that squat rack and show yourself what you are truly made of, whether you are having the best day in the world or the worst day in the world”

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