Phil Heath & Dana Linn Bailey Seminar Part 4

by Brandon

Dana Linn Bailey and Phil Heath begin by discussing their favorite and least favorite body parts to workout; as well as the mentality Mr.O uses to get himself through certain exercises. Phil says he asks himself  ” Will this exercise probably yield these gains I’ve been dreaming of? “. You should ask yourself that question every time you don’t want to perform a exercise to find the answer to whether it’s an excercise  you should be incorporating into your current routine. Or you can continue with the exercises you find easy and never see those gains you desperately dream about. Phil and Dana then go on to talk about their favorite supplements and give advice on formulating a supplement plan that works best for you. Phil highly advises people to go get a physical before training to see what you should and shouldn’t be putting into your body. There is a lot to take in from this video, hopefully it can make a difference in assisting you to reach your goals!

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