Phil Heath – Dawn of the DNA5TY

by Brandon

A lot of times in life it feels as if is you against the entire world and sometimes it might actually be that way. 4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath knows exactly what that feeling is like. For the past four years it has been “The Gift’ against the rest of the field, everybody gunning to take down the champ. Many competitors have attempted to take him down and they all have failed. But if you think Phil is losing even an ounce of motivation you are crazy. Phil is only getting started and won’t stop until he has his name up their with the best of the best. He isn’t satisfied with his four sandows because he expects that of himself and a whole lot more. 2015 will be no different as Phil goes for his fifth consecutive sandow and will not take any prisoners along the way. Who do you got, the field or “The Gift”? I think we all know who will be coming out on top at the 2015 Olympia and believe me blood will be shed. Get your tickets for the 2015 Olympia going on from September 17-20 and be there to witness the Dawn of the DNA5TY!

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