Phil Heath Goes Through 37 Sets For Legs 5 Weeks Out From The 2015 Olympia – Part 2

by Brandon

The 2015 Olympia is less than a month away as the competitors enter the home stretch of their preparations. 4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath’s points of emphasis are now on gaining muscle and losing fat while avoiding injury. While I’m sure he wants to continue to push himself to the limit, it is highly important that he avoid injury. What will separate the competitors from one another and determine who will come out on top is the attention to detail. As we all know in the sport of bodybuilding it is the tiniest details that go a long way in determining placements. Which is why “The Gift” stays 100% focused until he claims what is his.. the sandow. In an effort to ensure that his quads and hamstrings are impeccable, Phil goes through a leg routine that will send most guys out the gym in tears. This isn’t no half assed leg day, not even close. Phil pushes himself through a total of 37 sets and yes you read that right 37 sets of legs as he annihilates them at Armburst Pro Gym. It is safe to say that the Ascension has definitely begun. Check out the video below to see Mr O go through 37 sets of legs 5 weeks out from the 2015 Olympia!

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