Phil Heath Guest Posing AT 2016 Phil Heath Pro Am

by Brandon

Being a professional bodybuilder can be extremely taxing on an individual both physically and mentally. Not just because of the year round training and strict dieting but also because of all the appearances bodybuilders make around the globe. Take 5x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath for example who was in Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Classic just last week and had to be in Dallas, Texas this past weekend for the 2016 Phil Heath Pro Am. The grind truly never stops for athletes such as Phil. Which makes you respect the conditioning they are able to hit the stage with even more when you take into consideration all the different directions they are pulled in throughout the year. But “The Gift’ does not mind all the traveling because it allows him the opportunity of meeting, talking with and thanking all the fans worldwide that have supported him throughout his career. One way in which he chooses to show his appreciation is through guest posing routines at various shows. His most recent guest posing routine came this past weekend at the Phil Heath Pro/Am. Where Phil put on a show for all the fans, putting on full display the work he has been putting in since claiming his fifth consecutive sandow.

Check out Phil Heath guest posing and taking some time to share a few words with the audience in the video below!

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