Phil Heath Guest Posing & Interview From The 2014 NPC Phil Heath Wyoming Championship

by Brandon

Shortly after capturing his fourth consecutive Mr.Olympia title, the champ himself, Phil Heath stopped by Wyoming to guest pose during his NPC Championship event. It was a great opportunity for the fans of “The Gift” who don’t typically get to see him compete have a chance to see him up close. After his posing routine he stuck around to drop some knowledge on all the fans in attendance. Phil would go on to talk about his journey as a bodybuilder, the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, his appreciation of the fans support, and his goal to try to equate to Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney’s record of eight sandow titles. Who’s to say Phil won’t go on to win nine or ten sandow titles and become the greatest bodybuilder the sport has ever seen? Only time will tell!

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