Phil Heath Hardcore Leg Session

by Brandon

Phil Heath is a 4x Mr Olympia winner and the number one bodybuilder in the world, here we get a look at a leg training session before prior to all the sandows. “The Gift” was extremely driven leading up to 2011 Olympia competition and you can tell by the intensity in this workout. He was 6 weeks out from the Olympia and as he said, ” This is just one of those times where in the middle of the prep, where you start realizing it’s time and theres no excuses but to get after it.”

Phil starts off with some leg extensions to warm up the knees and legs, then gets some back squats in, moved on to the vertical leg press and finished his training session with the legendary outdoor walking lunges. Looking to add some mass to your legs? Give Mr O’s hardcore leg regiment a try!

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