Phil Heath Insight On Purpose And Discipline

by Adam Smith

Every moment matters. There are a lot of times where Phil Heath gets a bad rap. Between the assumption that he grew up with an easy childhood and the (rightfully) confident attitude he exudes as the champ – there are a lot of bodybuilding fans out there that like to spread negativity. But if there’s one thing that Phil’s Bev Francis Seminar proves. It’s that Phil Heath has worked hard in every single moment of his life to earn where he is today.

In earlier chapters of Phil’s seminar, we covered his surprisingly honest retelling of his college years and got an inside look of what it was like to be the champ. But today we’re going to focus on the key to Phil Heath’s success as an athlete and as a star – his constant dedication and hard work. Watch the video above to find out how Phil was able to become Mr. Olympia four times in a row. He has some very blunt and amazing insights on what separates the true greats from the almost-greats.

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