Phil Heath Interview At 2015 Dallas Europa Games

by Brandon

4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath has been doing a lot of traveling in the past few months in an effort to connect with as many fans worldwide as possible. Including this past weekend when the “The Gift” was at the 2015 Dallas Europa Games meeting tons of fans at the incredibly busy Gifted Nutrition Booth. But the time has come for all of the traveling to come to a halt as Phil begins his preparations for the 2015 Olympia contest. And it seems as if he is as motivated as ever to bring the best package he ever has to the stage. Stating that ” Last year wasn’t my best out of the four Olympia wins, I’m trying to really eclipse what I did in 2013… If i can be better than 2013 with a little bit tighter physique I think that’s unbeatable..” Which is almost impossible to argue because Phil at his best is pretty much unbeatable. Not to mention the fact that he is entering his prime years physically, which only means that his physique is going to go to new heights.That can be a scary thought for the other competitors attempting to take the champ down. Check out Phil Heath elaborate on his Olympia preparations and more in the video below!

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