Phil Heath Mr. Olympia 2015 Press Conference And Competition Recap

by Brandon

We are a little over a month removed from the captivating 2015 Mr Olympia contest which makes it the perfect time to take a look back at the historic weekend that was. Phil Heath put himself in a an exclusive class after collecting his 5 consecutive sandow. Only 5 competitors in the history of the sport have been fortunate enough to win 5 or more Olympia titles and those names I am sure you know. But Phil being smack in the middle of his prime makes you wonder how many sandows will he ultimately win when it is all said and done. If everything goes accordingly and “The Gift” stays healthy, whose to say that he can’t obtain double digit victories? You doubt the man? Good, that is just how Phil likes it. It seems like the more doubt and negativity that is thrown his way, the more motivated he becomes. Using all that negativity as fuel to add to the fire that burns deep inside of “The Gift.” Can’t wait to see what surprises Phil has in store for us all in the upcoming year but in the meantime take a look back at the 2015 Olympia with the awesome video below!

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