Phil Heath – Pro Talk with Tony Doherty

by Brandon

Tony Doherty is an inspiration to many associated with the bodybuilding industry. He is the man who traveled to Melbourne, Australia with nothing except for a truckload of broken down gym equipment, $250,000 0f debt, and a dream. Due to countless hours, an unrivaled work ethic, and an incredible vision; Tony is now the owner of 6 Doherty’s Gyms throughout Australia. Showing what you can accomplish with a vision and some old-fashioned hard work. Nowadays you can probably see him at most bodybuilding events worldwide as he hasn’t lost his passion for the sport.

Last week, Tony caught up with good friend and 4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath to catch up on a multitude of things. Talking about their friendship, bodybuilding, motivation, cars and numerous other topics of conversation. The best part of their talk is that fact that they are true friends, making the video below seem more like a phone conversation as appose to an interview. Take a look at the incredibly cool conversation in the video below!

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