Phil Heath – Push For Greatness

by Brandon

The guy who we know as “The Gift” and the 4x reigning Mr Olympia is one of the hardest working athletes out there. People might ask why does he work so hard? Why isn’t he satisfied? Well that’s because when Phil made the decision to become a bodybuilder he wasn’t trying to just be another typical bodybuilder, he had aspirations to achieve greatness in the sport. And while he definitely has had an extremely successful career to this point he understands that in order to be held as one of the greatest to ever do it, there are a few more sandows he has to win. Which means he won’t stop working until he does. Phil knows what he’s after, he knows what it’s going to take and won’t let up until his legacy is cemented as the greatest to ever do it! Check JerichoDMZ’s incredible motivational video of Phil Heath below and get pumped up to finish your week off with a bang!

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