Phil Heath Raw Uncut Episode 2 | Phil Heath’s Mr. Olympia Offseason Diet Secrets

by Adam Smith

Marc Lobliner sits down for a One-on-One with 4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath discussing the most important aspect to an amazing physique…DIET.

The offseason diet is completely different than the contest prep diet.  Most bodybuilders and athletes take the offseason to basically eat what they want and when they want, not being as strict and  caring so much about what they are consuming and its effects on the body.  Phil has a method to his madness. “Keep it fun!” the Champ says.  He makes sure he gets his protein and eats regularly throughout the day, and really takes note to what his body reacts well with and what it doesn’t.  This way when its prep time, he knows what he can eat and exactly how he will benefit and gain from it.

Phil also goes into detail about what supplements he uses from Gifted Nutrition, how he incorporates them, when he takes them and the benefits they provide.

Check out this video for some secret tips from the Champ so you can take advantage of these tips!

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