Phil Heath says Cavs in 6 on Sway in the Morning

by Jim Singletary

This interview took place of course before Kyrie Irving had his unfortunate knee setback in game 1.  I think Phil’s prediction is in trouble at this point.

But that aside,  the 4x reigning Mr Olympia Phil Heath stopped by to talk with Sway (@RealSway) on his morning radio show, in a segment dedicated to health and fitness with Kelly Kinkaid.  The topics were wide ranging from how to lean out for summer to how Sway’s Warriors are going to fair against the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

But as always Mr O. brings his no nonsense approach to the topics at hand,  and delivers some useful insights on getting in shape, serious training, and even some of the history of bodybuilding itself and his place within it.  Anyone looking for secrets and tips on how to get big, get lean, or get strong, can do no better than getting their insight from the man himself in this funny and enlightening conversation with Sway.


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