Phil Heath Shares Some Thoughts After Blasting His Chest!

by Brandon

In the two prior videos we got to see “The Gift” destroy his chest at Armbrust Pro Gym but in the finally of the training session we get to hear Phil share his thoughts on a variety of topics.  Starting off by giving thanks to gym owner Dillion Armbrust who allows Phil to train at his gym past business hours, as well as all the gym members who continue to support Phil throughout his incredible journey. His reason for thanking all the individuals he does in the video is because they all played a role in helping Phil live out his dream. ” I realized I’m living the dream, I’m able to do what I want to do in life…. I get to inspire people to live a better life..” Going on to state that bodybuilding is in fact his calling and reminds us all to discover our calling. Wanting people to look at his story and realize that they too can accomplish everything they envision in their mind. It’s all about discovering your passion and giving a dam about the line of work you do because when you combine work ethic with your passion the opportunities become endless. Check out what else 4x Olympia Phil Heath had to say in the video below!

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