Phil Heath Smashes Delts At Armbrust Pro Gym

by Brandon

The last thing you want is to have a huge set of arms to go along with some underdeveloped rear delts. As Phil says “…a lot of guys don’t have rear delts, you got to train rear delts, especially those guys that have really round triceps and have big arms because from the side you have a really shallow rear delt..” While everyone loves to train and even overtrain their arms you have to give the same amount of attention to your delts. If you continue to neglect them you’ll never have as balanced as a physique as you can. Training delts might not be the muscle you enjoy training the most but that doesn’t mean you ignore them. In the video below we see Mr Olympia Phil Heath destroy his delts in an intense session at Armbrust Pro Gym as he nears the preparation phase for the 2015 Olympia contest. The smart thing would be to watch the video and begin implementing those exercises into your own routine. If you do that, you definitely won’t have the problem of having an un-balanced physique!

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