Phil Heath: Something For The Fans

by Brandon

Typically the more successful you become the more doubters, critics, and haters you build. While that might sound sad it is in fact the way life works but what you must do is use that negative energy people throw your way as fuel to throw on the fire. A perfect example is Phil “The Gift” Heath whom has been doubted year in and year out, there is always somebody who is going to ‘supposedly’ end his run but somehow he remains the 4x consecutive Mr Olympia. Every year there is a new competitor who is going to sneak up and snatch the crown away from Phil but we are still waiting for that to happen. This year is like no other, surprisingly many believe Phil won’t be able to collect his fifth sandow but all that does is keep Phil as driven as ever. Check out the video below and take a look at Phil Heath taking a brief moment during his chest routine to share some words of motivation with #TeamHeath before smashing his chest!

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