Phil Heath Speaks 5 Weeks Out From 2014 Mr.Olympia

by Brandon

Phil Heath sat down with Flex to discuss various topics five weeks out from the 2014 Mr.Olympia contest. The 4x winner discusses where the motivation comes from at this point in his career when he has already accomplished so much. The answer is the fun the champ continues to have at the gym and the enjoyment he gets from being able to interact with some many fans worldwide. Having fun is a huge part of living a happy life and too many people ignore fun and don’t realize the importance it has when it comes to happiness. But if your not having fun doing whatever it is that your doing than you aren’t going to be as productive as you truly can be. Find out what it is you truly love to do and go after it with all you got. As Phil said “…It’s time to go get it, lets go do it!..”, There is no more time to waste!

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