Phil Heath Speaks On The Competition

by Brandon

What is it that sets Phil Heath apart from the rest of the competition? It has to be his unwavering confidence in himself. Some might call him cocky or arrogant but what those people don’t understand is what it takes to be the four time reigning Mr.Olympia. That level of supreme confidence is necessary to be a highly successful professional athlete. However that confidence doesn’t arise out of thin air, it is a product of all the hours Phil puts in the gym. That unrelenting work ethic allows “The Gift” to be confident and at ease with himself. Why does it? Because Phil knows he is prepared to go to war and being prepared is all that he can control. “Confidence is preparation, the rest is beyond your control”. His job is to be in the best shape he possibly can and for the past four years it has undoubtedly been good enough!

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