Phil Heath Training Legs Prior To 2014 Mr.Olympia

by Brandon

It’s the start of a new week and it is most likely going to be yet another week in which most guys won’t workout their legs. Their ideology I will never understand, why have a great looking upper body but have a skinny pair of chicken legs? Most dudes give the excuse that it is very time consuming and tiring to workout their legs. And they can easily hide those scrawny legs via sweatpants and jeans. But what happens when you want to go to the beach and are embarrassed to wear shorts because you know your legs will be exposed to everyone around you? Don’t make that an issue, get on that squat rack or any leg machine for that matter.

Take a look at this video and get a glimpse into the leg workout of four time Mr.Olympia winner Phil Heath. Phil was locked in a car for six hours but still finds the motivation from within to hit the gym for a leg workout. Hopefully this video will inspire you to get in the gym and work on those legs you have been neglecting for who knows how long!

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