Phil Heath Trains Back 5 Weeks Out From 2015 Olympia

by Brandon

Regardless of your goals at the gym, intensely training back can be one of the most effective uses of your time. However, building a massive upper-back is a long-term committment that requires a ton of effort. Developing a back that others envy will require dedication, discipline, and focus over an extended period of time. Making it virtually impossible for those with training ADD to ever develop a back of that nature. But if you are willing to leave your ego at the door and train both hard and smart, then you will benefit by obtaining greater strength, balance, and health as a result of your newly developed back.

4x Mr O, Phil Heath understood the benefits a chiseled back as well as the importance it plays come competition time and has put in the time to build his back to the point where it’s now impeccable. Year after year bodybuilding’s ultimate title is decided when those in the Olympia’s first callout unleash their rear-lat spreads and locke in their rear double biceps. Which was what was holding “The Gift” back from his ultimate goal, to become Mr Olympia early on in his career. So Phil went back to the drawing board dedicating himself to the task at hand, building up his back. Putting in the time required to put him over the top and where he rightfully belonged. The transformation of Heath’s back from a weakness to a strength has been one of the most remarkable transformations in bodybuilding history. Proving that it is never too late to develop that legendary back if you truly want it.

Phil recently gave the fans a look into his secret recipe, providing a back training video just 5 weeks out from the Olympia. If you are in search of a back-building blueprint, check out what exercises Mr O goes through to ensure his back stays in tip-top shape in the video below!

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