Phil Heath Trains Chest 11 Weeks Out From 2015 Olympia – Part 1

by Brandon

When an individual is totally locked in and focused on achieving a certain goal there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to get in the way of that happening. Which means it is going to be nearly impossible for anyone to take down the 4x Mr Olympia also known as Phil Heath at the 2015 Olympia. Phil has begun his ascension and is working harder than ever to bring home that fifth sandow. His focus is centered on nothing else than the 2015 Olympia contest and is ready to shush up all the doubters who insist this is the year he is going down, the same exact thought process they’ve had for the past four years. Guess some people just never learn.

In the video below we get a look into his laser beam focus as we see “The Gift” train chest 11 weeks out from the 2015 Olympia in the first of a three part video series. Giving us a glimpse into what it takes to prepare your body for the biggest bodybuilding competition there is. Just remember next time you are in the gym and you feel yourself on the verge of a pump ” ..Take it up a notch!”

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