Phil Heath Trains Chest 7 Weeks Out From 2015 Olympia – Part 2

by Brandon

Does your chest compare more to a sheet of plywood instead of the mountains of muscles you want? If that is the case, I’m sure you spend countless hours a week on the bench press with no results to show for it. Making you wonder if maybe you just weren’t meant to have a big chest… Wrong! While I can’t promise that you’ll have the chest of 4x Mr Olympia, Phil “The Gift” Heath, I can promise that you can in fact put some great size on your chest. You can start on the road to building a massive chest by taking a look at Phil’s chest routine below as he prepares himself for the 2015 Olympia. Going through various different exercises as he smashes every part of his chest. Incorporating pieces of the routine below will without a doubt help you see the gains you have been lacking. If it works for the 4x consecutive Mr O, I’m more than sure that it’ll be beneficial for you as well. Take a look at “The Gift” blasting his chest 7 weeks out from the 2015 Olympia in the video below!

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