Phil Heath Trains Legs 11 Weeks Out From The 2015 Olympia – Part 1

by Brandon

Phil “The Gift” Heath is in the middle of a highly intense prep for the 2015 Olympia and is looking as good as ever. We recently saw him blast his chest in a three part video series and now get the first part of his leg training session 11 weeks out from the Olympia. Switching it up, Phil begins with quads as appose to hamstrings and does so with some leg extensions. And then gets into the meat of his routine with some squats, the exercise that everybody hates but is in fact necessary. As Phil himself says “Life is like a dam leg day, you are either going to punk out and go half ass or not show up at all or you are going to stick your chest out and get your ass underneath that squat rack and show yourself what you are truly made of, whether you are having the best day in the world or the worst day in the world.” Which are some words to live by, nobody wants to train legs because it isn’t fun but leg days show what type of character you possess. Everything isn’t always going to be fun but you just got to put your head down and get to work. Take a look at 4x Mr O Phil Heath train quads 11 weeks out from the 2015 Olympia in the video below!

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