Phil Heath Trains Legs 11 Weeks Out From The 2015 Olympia – Part 2

by Brandon

Just when you thought the intensity and focus couldn’t get any higher Phil finds a way to dig deep inside and take it up a notch. In the second part of his leg training video we don’t see much talking as it is straight to work for the 4x Mr Olympia Champion. In the video below we see “The Gift” transition from training his quads to destroying his hamstrings. Making you wonder if you train your legs hard enough? The answer to that question is probably not. I mean Phil trains legs harder than most mortals train the muscles they enjoy to such as chest and arms. Which is exactly why he is on the road toward becoming the 5x Mr Olympia, the ascension has begun and from the looks of it Phil is only going to continue to soar. You can love the guy or you can hate the guy but two things you can’t deny is his incredible work ethic and his relentless drive for greatness!

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