Phil Heath Trains Legs 5 Weeks Out From Olympia – Part 1

by Brandon

Last week we were gifted with the ending to “The Gift’s” crazy leg day or as Phil said more like a leg night that included a total of 37 sets. And no that wasn’t an exaggeration, “We got leg extensions, we got vertical leg press, we got seated leg curls, we got walking lunges, we got rear squats, hack squats , so much stuff that I’m just going to have to show you how to do it..” As Phil enters crunch-time, also known as the cutting phase to those who have done shows or at least follow the sport,  he adjust his focus more toward getting a lot of volume in and getting a good pump as appose to lifting as much weight as possible. At this point in the prep phase the risk of injury from going extremely heavy just isn’t worth it. Check out the video below to see 4x Olympia, Phil Heath, kick his own ass as he trains legs 5 weeks out from the 2015 Olympia!

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