Phil Heath’s Amazing Physique At The 2011 Olympia!

by Brandon

The 2015 Olympia weekend kicks-off on September 17 and it is going to be one for the ages. Phil “The Gift’ Heath as you all know will be going for his fifth consecutive Sandow trophy which would put him only three short of catching Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney who both collected 8 Sandows in their time. Showing complete domination of their competition. Does Phil have what it takes to catch and even surpass them? I definitely believe so, his relentless drive for greatness won’t allow him to become complacent or settle for anything less.

As we prepare for the 2015 Olympia, it’s only right we take a look back at Phil capturing the elusive first Sandow trophy. Phil brought an exceptional physique to the 2011 Olympia stage and the three following years as well. Taking a look at his 2011 physique can only get fans beyond excited for what he has in store for them at this years Olympia!

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