Phil Heath’s Keynote Speech At The University Of Denver Pioneer Prep

by Brandon

As we all know Phil “The Gift” Heath is the reigning 4x Mr Olympia but none of his life success came easily. It was a combination of dedication, discipline, and a ridiculous work ethic that has allowed him to achieve so much. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that he officially began to pursue bodybuilding in 2002 and competed in his first show in 2003. But he made up for the time lost by relentless working in the gym and being a student of his new found passion: bodybuilding. Why did he transition into bodybuilding after his days of hooping for the University of Denver were over you ask? Because the intense training and extreme competition appealed to young Phil Heath and he hasn’t looked back since. But while we all are aware of the fact that he is the current Mr O and was a great basketball player in his day many don’t know that Phil double majored in IT and Business Administration during his time as a pioneer. And is currently the owner of his own Nutrition company(Gifted Nutrition) and apparel line(Gifted Athletics). Which goes to show how well rounded of a man “The Gift” truly is.

While Phil certainly has gone on to achieve a ton of success since he graduated from the University of Denver he never forgets about the place that played a big role in molding him into the man he has become. In an effort to shed some light on how great the University of Denver is, as well as motivate young kids and get them to understand the opportunity they have in front of them – Mr O took time out of his crazy schedule to give a wildly motivating keynote speech at the University of Denver Pioneer Prep. Showing kids that if a young 17-year-old boy from the inner city of Seattle can move all the way to Denver in search of making all his dreams a reality and go on to make it happen, they can too!

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