Phil Heath’s Message for Christmas 2014

by Jim Singletary

2014 was a huge year for Phil Heath’s new nutritional supplement brand, Gifted Nutrition.  2014 saw the birth of the company and the development and launch of several exciting new supplement and apparel products.  It also saw “The Gift” hoist the Sandow Trophy for the 4th consecutive year at the 50th Anniversary of the Mr Olympia competition in Las Vegas.

This time of year is a great time to reflect on the past and goals for the future.  And we have no doubt that Phil Heath and the team at Gifted Nutrition are working hard, on exciting new products for the rapidly growing legions that have found the Gifted Nutrition brand,  and have come to expect only the highest quality supplements to fuel their training and self improvement.

Gifted Nutrition and Phil Heath have expressed tremendous gratitude for all the support from the fans and athletes in 2014 as they work to promote the Gifted lifestyle.

Gifted Nutrition, Phil Heath and the memebrs of the Gifted Team Janet Layug, Todd Duffee, and Conor Dwyer want to wish everyone, all the fans, competitors, athletes, media, and team members a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!