Phil Heath’s takes the stage at the 2008 IRONMAN Pro…

by Adam Smith

On February 16, 2008,  the 19th rendition of the IRONMAN Pro proved to be one of the deepest lineups ever. By the time the first callout was over, two men stood ahead of the rest-Phil Heath and Gustavo Badell.

Badell, a 2005 Ironman Champion, was coming off a mediocre 2007 Mr. Olympia showing and he was determined to make a statement. Heath, after winning 2 Pro Shows– New York and Colorado- in his rookie season and placing 4th at the 2007 Arnold, was looking to prove he was the real deal!

After skipping the 2007 Mr. Olympia and spending the year packing on 20lbs of hard, dense, muscle, Phil Heath stormed onto the Los Angeles Convention Center stage with all cylinders firing and he dominated this lineup from start to finish. Looking reminiscent of a young Shawn Ray, Heath stepped his muscle mass and conditioning up about 10 notches from the previous bodybuilding season.

The man they call “The Gift” had emphatically made his statement loud and clear with his performance on the Ironman stage that night,  that he was coming for the Mr Olympia title and wouldn’t let anyone get in his way! It was at  this point we knew he was bound for greatness!

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