Phil “The Gift” Heath Guest Posing At The 2015 Atlantic States Championships

by Brandon

4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath  made a stop at the 2015 Atlantic States Championships to present the fans and competitors with a treat. Starting off on stage with a guest pose and it was quite impressive as Phil has stated in previous interviews he has definitely put on some size from last year. With 15 weeks left of preparation for the 2015 Olympia it looks like Phil will be more than ready to claim his fifth consecutive sandow. Shortly after he finished with his routine Phil got on the mic to present all the fans with words of motivation. Explaining that life isn’t going to always be a smooth journey, you are going to encounter ups and downs but it’s all about how you bounce back from the rough patches. Pushing through those times will show you what you are really made of and will display your true character. Check out “The Gift” guest pose and drop some words of wisdom on his fans in the video below!

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