Phil “The Gift” Heath – Unscriptd

by Brandon

We are five days and some hours away from kicking off the 2015 Olympia festivities and the excitement from the fans and competitors continues to grow. It’s almost time for the competitors to wrap up their prep but these last few days can go a long way in determining how well they place at the Olympia. Some can drift away from their game plan and it will definitely end up costing them. Others such as 4x Mr O, Phil Heath understand that and if anything just focus in harder on their main objective. There is no easing up at this point from the Heath camp, just rearing down and putting the finishing touches on what will be an incredible physique. Which is evident through the late night cardio session in the video below. However, Phil recognizes that he wouldn’t be able to get through the grueling prep process without the support of those close to him, as well as his loyal fans. In order to show his appreciation for their continuing support, Phil took some time after one of his recent late night cardio sessions to thank them all. “..Just wanted to give a shoutout to all the fans putt here for supporting me throughout this journey of mine, especially throughout this particular prep. Um, your e-mails, your tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, etc. Um high fives at the gym at Armburst….it just means a lot…” Going to show why Phil is such a great ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding!

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