Physique Pro Brett Kahn’s 2016 Arnold Prep – Showtime

by Brandon

Getting yourself in the conditioning required to compete in a pro bodybuilding show is a challenge that not many can handle. It requires a devotion to the gym along with a meticulous diet in which you account for every item of food that you consume. It is key to track what your diet consists of so you can learn the effects that different foods have on your body.

The dedication it takes when it comes to training and the attention to detail with your diet is why being able to hit the stage is an accomplishment in itself, regardless of where you end up placing. While we all prefer to win in any event or competition we take part in just remember that only a few possess the mental fortitude and discipline that it takes to compete as a professional bodybuilder. To give us an inside look at what it takes to prepare for one of the biggest bodybuilding shows, IFBB Pro Brett Kahn took us behind the scenes of his prep for the 2016 Arnold Classic. Coming to an end with the video below where Brett wraps up his preparations, hits the stage and reflects on the show!

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