Pointers And Tips For Building A Stronger Squat

by Brandon

The squat is a staple in the playbook of many lifters’ worldwide; it is the go-to lift for developing some serious lower body strength and power. And without a doubt it flat out gets the job done, but as with many exercises there comes a point in time when you feel as if you have hit a celling. You feel as if you should be moving around more weight but your muscles just will not allow you to do so. Leaving you exceedingly frustrated but don’t get all worked up those gains will continue to come, just be patient and tweak up your regular routine. One man who knows just the right buttons to push in order to break through that ceiling is the hardcore Mike Rashid. And he recently voiced over one of his squat sessions to supply us with the pointers and tips he uses to constantly push his body to the limit. Now while I don’t suggest you attempt to push the same weight as Mike, his tips can definitely be highly beneficial for them gains.

Check out Mike Rashid’s pointers and tips for developing a stronger squat in the video below!

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