Power & Drop – Two Different Ways To Destroy Your Chest!

by Brandon

When it comes to building up and sculpting your body into what you want it to eventually become, there are numerous different training philosophies and styles you can use to help you get to your end goal. Again choosing which style is best for you is dependent upon your fitness goals and what style of training interest you the most. The last thing you want to do is choose a style of training that doesn’t keep you entertained by continuously challenging you day in and day out. Which is why it would smart to research various styles to help yourself get a better feel for what fits you best. LA based model and actor Zach Scheerer uses two different ways to assist him in smashing his chest. Hew begins by using a percentage of his 1-rep max to pre-exhasut the muscle and then transitions into a series of drop sets to finish off his workout. Zach trains with the mindset of pushing himself to the limit and making sure that he has nothing else left in the tank at the end of his training sessions. Check out the video below to see how Zach incorporates these two styles to ensure that he exhaust every ounce of energy he has!

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