Premier Basketball Trainer Alan Stein Talks About The Main Cause For Injuries In Basketball

by Brandon

In the basketball world very few strength and conditioning coaches are as respected as Alan Stein. He has worked with countless NBA stars such as the Oklahoma City Thunder’s very own Kevin Durant. The reason why an athlete of Kevin Durant’s caliber trusts a guy like Alan is because his passion, enthusiasm, and innovative teaching techniques make him one of the elite trainers out there. So who better to ask why so many NBA ballers have been going down in recent years due to injury than the man himself? Fellow basketball trainer Devin Williams was recently in Washington D.C. and caught up with Alan to get his input on the topic. And his thinking seems right on as he believes that players are frequently getting injured due to a bad foundation. Stating that most guys aren’t getting high-level training until they are already 19 and 20 years old. “.. take someone as elite as Derrick Rose, bless his heart man it just pains me to see all the stuff he’s going through but I know for a fact he didn’t do any of this stuff in high-school and then he goes to Memphis and he’s at Memphis what six months? And then he’s in the NBA, so he really didn’t get into any of this type of training until he was 19, 20 years old and a pro. That’s 20 years of building of kind of building your body on a weak foundation..” He advises parents to start teaching their kids how to control their body as early as 8 years old because that foundation will pay huge dividends in the long-run. Check out what else Alan Stein had to say about preventing injuries in the video below!

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