Quick & Intense High Volume Arm Workout

by Brandon

The length of your workout all depends on your fitness goals, how dedicated you are to the process of getting to your goals and how busy of a schedule you have. Some of us might have lofty goals which we are incredibly dedicated to but just might not have the time you be in the gym for two hours daily. Which puts you in quite a predicament, how are you going to sculpt your body into the physique you want when you only have an hour a day in which you can hit the gym? A perfect solution can be to try super setting. You won’t get to your fitness goals based off of the time you spend in the gym but rather how effective of a workout you get while at the gym. Your goal has to be to work smarter not harder.

Chris Jones of PhysiqueofGreatness provides us with an effective and time efficient high volume arm workout that he gets done with in about 45 min to an hour. Have limited time to squeeze in a gym session? Give this quick yet intense workout a try next time you are trying to squeeze a nice arm workout into your day!

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