Remembering The Night Kobe Bryant Scored 81 Points

by Brandon

Today symbolizes the 10-year anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s scoring clinic against the Toronto Raptors under the bright lights of the Staples Center. It was a remarkable performance, especially when you take into consideration the lack of talent Kobe was surrounded by that season. But on January 22, 2006 it didn’t make a difference who Kobe was playing with or against as it was clear he was in a mind state that couldn’t be interfered with. Coming out strong to start the game, resulting in a total of 26 first half points. The show he would put on in the second half however was nothing short of extraordinary. as “The Mamba” exploded for 55 points. Making him only the second player in NBA history to top 80 points in a single game. The coolest part of it all might have to be the fact that it was the first game Kobe’s grandma had seen him play as a pro, which happened to fall on the birthday of his late grandfather no less. Crazy how things work out huh? This outburst will undoubtedly be one of Kobe Bryant’t more memorable performances. Celebrate his outstanding career and the anniversary of the second greatest scoring performance in NBA history by taking a look at the highlights from that incredible night in the video below!

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