Remembering Greg Plitt With This Ab Workout

by Adam Smith

Celebrating a fitness inspiration. Memorial Day is upon us once again. The country remembers our fallen heroes who have gone to war to fight for our freedoms. This year our friends at The Generation Iron Fitness Network have chosen to remember a hero who not only served in the armed forces, but was an inspirational fitness icon across the globe. To many Greg Plitt was more than just a fitness model, he was an inspiration who worked hard in and outside the gym to improve himself and others. Plitt was great not only because of his ability to motivate people, but because he was a man who lived by his own words. He didn’t just tell people what they wanted to hear, he provided them with information that would change their life. Whether it was diet and nutrition or training routines, Plitt was a man who led by example and because of that he’s inspired many men and women.

Anyone who followed Plitt knew he spent time in the military. After graduating from the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, NY, Greg would later go on to become a United States Army Ranger performing his duties for five years. As a life long fitness enthusiast before joining the military, Greg had always been fitness inclined. His military training would go on to bleed into many of his fitness routines and was perhaps the key to chiseling out the shredded form he was famous for. Among his physical attributes, Plitt had abs that could put some professional bodybuilders to shame. Check out the abdominal routine the late great Greg Plitt used to obtain a shredded and aesthetic physique. Take a look at the video below of Plitt in his element offering some great advice on the secret behind shaping his physique.

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