Rick Ross Goes Sneaker Shopping Like ‘Boss’

by Brandon

While the holiday season is a wonderful time of the year as you get to spend time with family and loved ones, it can at the same time be a financial burden for many. It might feel great giving gifts to your loved ones but it will also leave your bank account extremely somber. One individual who doesn’t have that worry is the guy we have all come to know as the ‘boss’, none other than Miami’s own, Rick Ross. The ‘boss’ was out in beautiful, Los Angeles, California and was in the shopping mood but not for others. He simply felt the need to go out and spoil himself for a successful 2015. But when Ross goes out shopping it is safe to say he is going to put a hurting on his bank account. Perfect example is in the video below, where we see Rick Ross go sneaker shopping with Complex magazine, which lead to a total of $4,360. Yes those numbers are correct. The ‘boss’ gets what the ‘boss’ likes, what could I say? Take a look at Rick Ross going sneaker shopping with Complex in the video below!

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