Ride Along: Steve Smith On Retirement And Life In The NFL

by Brandon

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Jr. is one of the most intense and fierce competitors the NFL has ever seen. While he might only stand at 5’9″ and weighing 185 lbs, his heart and desire to win is immeasurable and is exactly what has allowed Smith to survive through 14 grueling years in the NFL. At 36 years old, the widely veteran is still running around defenders 10 years younger than him and making them look silly in the process. But Steve understands that his days playing professional football are numbered and took time to sit down with Vice sports to discuss his prolonged success, retirement, and the time that he and Chad Ochocinco teamed up to form the loudest receiver duo in college football history. Listen to all in the video below as you prepare for the 2015 NFL season opener!

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