Rob Riches’ Exercises For Developing Shoulder Separation

by Brandon

Fitness cover model Rob Riches knows a thing or two about shoulder development which is why he took us through his shoulder routine which puts an emphasis on defining the three deltoid heads. The three heads that comprise the deltoid muscle group are the lateral head, the posterior head, and the anterior head. The lateral head is the head you would want to focus on to develop width in your shoulders. You want to develop a round look of this head, in order to create some separation between it and your biceps and triceps. The posterior head is typically the one that is least developed among weight lifters. Which makes it essential that you train this head with correct form because if you begin to cheat and swing the weights up you are going to incorporate your upper-back muscles, the trapezius, and even legs. The anterior head is the one that you need to worry about the least, as most of us perform plenty of bench presses, incline presses, and military presses. Heavy pressing from most angles with activate the anterior head. With this in mind it is key to create a routine that builds up all three deltoid heads. The last thing you want to have is one head lagging behind the others.

Check out Rob’s full shoulder routine which puts an emphasis on shoulder separation in the video below!

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