Rob Riches Top 5 Bicep Peak Exercises

by Brandon

We all have body parts and specific muscle groups that we’d like to improve but simply wishing and complaining about them won’t help solve the problem at hand. The key is sitting down an devising a strategic plan to go about making these improvements. Without a thought out strategy that effectively targets the muscle group you are trying to build up your energy and effort will be useless. One of the muscle groups that most guys want to improve is their bicep peak. But it is also something that most individuals have a difficult time developing. A nice bicep peak will take your physique and arms to the next level and have everyone at the gym asking you what exercises you incorporate in your bicep routine.

Fitness enthusiast Rob Riches without a doubt knows what it takes to develop an impressive bicep peak- don’t think so? Just take a look at one of his training videos. While Rob might be blessed with incredible biceps, he understands that everybody’s genetics vary. Which is exactly why he brought us a video detailing his top 5 exercises for achieving that profound bicep peak you’ve been trying to work toward. Take a look at the video below to check out the full routine and begin your road to obtaining a pair of massive biceps!

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