Rob Riches: Top 5 Chest Exercises

by Brandon

When it comes to training chest a majority of people believe it is all about throwing up as much weight as you possibly can but that is far from the truth. Instead of ‘ego’ lifting your focus should be on executing each exercise with proper form and making sure that you are hitting your chest from different angles.

Adding in some variation into your chest routine will go a long way in helping you grow a nice wide, strong chest. So while you typically see the biggest guys at your nearby commercial gym live off of the bench press, that isn’t the most effective way to develop your chest. Perfect example being the 5 exercises fitness expert Rob Riches breaks down below. Rob goes into detail about the top 5 exercises he likes to use when training chest, focusing on width and thickness. Making it the perfect video for any who has encountered difficulties when it comes to chest development!

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