Ron Hunter Reflects On Georgia State’s Tournament Run

by Brandon

For those of you who just don’t quite get the importance and attention March Madness receives, look no further than the emotional post-game press conference from Georgia State’s head coach Ron Hunter. After leading the Panthers to an un-probable victory over Baylor, thanks to Junior, R.J. Hunter’s game-winning basket, Ron Hunter and company fell short to 6 seeded Xavier on Saturday. And coach Ron wanted to make sure his players didn’t walk out the building with their heads down, “I told them not to be sad, man what a great week, there is nothing to be sad about….. We helped Georgia State out..” He followed by talking about the joy his team presented him with, not only was he able to win an NCAA tournament game but was given the opportunity to share this moment with this son R.J. hunter the entire time. Is there any greater feeling for a father? Judging off of Ron’s conference and actions throughout the tournament, that answer is no.

Watch the video below and get a look into how much these games mean to the kids and coaches alike. It is truly a marvelous sporting event!

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