Ronda Rousey Talks Entourage Movie And More With Brobible

by Brandon

Ronda Rousey is hands down the most badas$ women on the planet and there’s nobody close to her. Inside the ring she is as fierce a competitor as there is and her record speaks for itself. But outside the ring she is as cool and down to earth  as they come. She recently took time to do an interview with Brobible and talked about what she’s been up to outside of the octagon. Such as how excited she was for the premier of the “Entourage” movie in which she has a pretty large role and kills it but then again would we expect anything less from Ronda? It’s funny that Ronda caught up with the show will training to fight Miesha Tate for the second time. Binge watching Entourage after her intense training as a way to help her relax sand get through camp. Check out what Ronda has to say about the movie and more in the interview below!

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