Ronnie Coleman – Bodybuilding Motivation

by Brandon

Ronnie Coleman is known as one of the greatest, if not the greatest bodybuilder the sport has seen to date. His eight consecutive Mr.Olympia titles put him in a tie with Lee Haney for the most all-time. What might come off surprising to some is that bodybuilding was not what Ronnie always saw himself doing. Ronnie went to school and got his B.S in accounting which at the time was what he aspired to be. After applying for numerous jobs and not getting hired for any, he decided to move out to Dallas, Texas with a buddy of his. Once in Dallas he got a job working at a local Dominos Pizza for about two years. He was then convinced by a friend of his to apply to become a police officer and sure enough he got the job. Sounds extremely scary to me, imagine getting pulled over by Ronnie Coleman? Doesn’t sound like a good time at all. Shortly after, Ronnie began to take his hobby of bodybuilding to the next level. He managed to be a full-time police officer while getting his bodybuilding career off the ground. A testament to the work ethic that has gotten Ronnie Coleman to where he is today. Ronnie’s story goes to show that you never know what undiscovered talents you might possess.

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