That Extra Shoelace Hole Has an Actual Purpose, And It Kind of Changes Everything …

by Jim Singletary

If you do a lot of running as part of your cardio training, you’ve probably gotten a blister or two somewhere along the line.  It seems like just an unavoidable thing that goes with the territory.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the latest in $500 running shoe technology, or hand-me-down Chucks that your older brother wore 5 years ago – eventually all the repetitive movement of your feet hitting the pavement or treadmill eventually loosens up the laces and you begin to get that rubbing sensation that means either, you’re getting a blister, or you need to stop and re-tie.

Well, it turns out, we’ve all just been tying our shoes wrong our whole lives.  Our friends at Illumiseen take a couple minutes to point out a part of your shoes you’ve seen a million times, and just never given much thought too.  It’s that little extra hole thats a bit off center near the top of your laces.  I always thought it was just another hole to put the laces through, and usually I dont even use it.  It just sits there ignored.

But if you check out the 2 minute video below you’ll find a way to very easily and effectively tie your running shoes in a manner that will “lock” the laces firmly in place keeping your foot tightly and comfortably controlled, no matter how long you pound the pavement.  It’s astonishingly simple, and I just can’t believe I never thought of it.

If you’re like me, you’ll never tie your shoes before a run the same again.


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